Cleaning Manifold

Cleaning Manifold

Clogged Intake Manifolds in Both Diesel And Gas Turbos
A blocked or dirty intake manifold doesn’t prevent the turbo from running normally. Instead, it results directly in the inability of the combustion chamber to reach the pressure produced by the turbo. The insufficient supply of turbocharger pressure leads to poor fuel combustion, due to the unavailability of air to drive the combustion process. So, you have black smoke coming out from the exhaust.

The direct result of a blocked or dirty exhaust manifold is an insufficient supply of exhaust gas to the turbocharger, and this prevents it from running at the optimum speed. And since the amount of turbocharger pressure reaching the engine is not sufficient, the fuel doesn’t undergo proper combustion due to the shortage of air. So, you have black smoke coming out from the exhaust.

Carbon Cleaning is the solution for a dirty manifold

manifold cleaning

Cleaning the manifolds

This is an expensive option, and it involves disassembling and cleaning the manifold.  Considering the complicated processes involved, it takes more time.

This is a relatively less expensive option. It is faster, and a reliable alternative to outright replacement. Hydrogen treatment through the Carbon Cleaning Station can be considered as a preventative treatment. It is due after every 10,000 miles, and it can also resolve other issues affecting the engine.

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