Fuel Injector Cleaning

Fuel Injector Cleaning


You will either find your fuel injector in the inlet manifold or at the opening of the cylinder. The role of this small nozzle is to contain the liquid fuel, which is usually injected into it at high pressure. This engine component functions like your pressure washer’s nozzle. You could have multi-injections or a single point injection. In multi-injections, every cylinder has an injector, while all cylinders use one point injection in the case of a single point injection.

The types of fuel injections we have currently are more powerful, plus they offer a finer spray. When this spray is injected into the combustion chamber, there are fewer emissions, and the performance improves. Considering its sensitive nature and precision, you will hardly see a fuel injector develop a fault. But this doesn’t rule out the possibilities of obstruction and saturation.
Carbon deposits are formed when the fuel injector becomes blocked, and these deposits inhibit the free flow of fuel and distort the spray pattern of the fuel injection. The engine performance depends on the density and shape of the spray, so when these are inadequate, the engine underperforms, the acceleration drops, and ultimately, no power is produced. Fuel injector saturation is primarily caused by the buildup of carbon deposits and resin. When these are acted on by high temperatures, the excess fuel inside the injector nozzles are burned, and it even gets worse if the engine runs on substandard gas.

How to avoid the need to replace fuel injectors? The solution is Carbon Cleaning

fuel injector cleaning

Cleaning your fuel injectors

There are a host of methods to replace or clean your fuel injectors. While all these methods are effective, the costs involved are usually different markedly.

This is the most expensive fix method on the list. How much you will spend depends on your engine brand and type. However, you should be ready to part with between £750 and £1,500.

The option of cleaning involves moderate cost, but it takes a bit more time and good mechanical skills. The injector is removed and cleaned, using the best method possible. Most novice mechanics will find this difficult to do; however, if you find a garage that can do it, they charge between £300 and £500 for this service.

This is the least expensive option. It is faster, and a reliable alternative to outright replacement of the part. Likewise, you do not have to disassemble the engine. Hydrogen treatment through the Carbon Cleaning Station can be considered as a preventative treatment. It is due after every 10,000 miles, and it can also resolve other issues affecting the engine.

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